Month: June 2013

‘Barry Sheene’ wip3

barry wip3

The background is almost finished, and have started to add more layers and detail to the rider and bike.  It’s slowly getting there!  The next update will be with this painting finished.

‘Barry Sheene’ wip2

barry wip2

The first layer of paint is on, and now it doesn’t look so scary – only a bit messy!  I will concentrate on getting the background colour right before going into the detail work of the bike and rider.


My Latest WIP1


Acrylic (when finished) on Canvas 41cm x 27cm

Here is a sneaky peak of my latest painting. It’s not much to look at the moment as it all drawn out and this is only a quarter of the canvas (plus it isn’t a good photo), but it gives you an idea of my process.  I can’t wait to start painting it –  I wonder who it could be of?!

Mischa wip1 & 2

Mischa wip1Mischa wip2










Pastel Pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes Coloured 18cm x 22cm

The first picture is roughly sketched out and the base colour down at the top of the head.  The second picture – the top of the head may need a little tweeking here and there, but otherwise I think looks ok.  The base for the nose and cheeks are down, now to add the detail of the fur.

Thank you to Merethe T for the use of the original photo.