Month: May 2012

The GOAT and The Roman Emperor


Rossi (No. 46)                                              Max (No. 3)

Acrylic on canvas 27cm x 41cm                  Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 40cm

(Not for sale)                                               (Not for Sale)

Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi – two of the world’s greatest riders.  Once had a great rivalry in Motogp, with Rossi eventually the winner, and Biaggi moving onto World Superbikes.

Rossi shown here is on the factory Yamaha, and Biaggi on the Alstare Suzuki in his first year at world superbikes.

The references used on these two paintings were from magazines, and so they proudly hang on our living room wall with Rossi on his Ducati, as shown previously.

“I Said I Wanted Chicken!”

I Said ... finished

Graphite 13.5cm x 13.5cm on Letraset Cartridge 270g using Faber Castell 9000 5H, H, B, 2B & 3B

Here is the finished portrait of a close-up of a cat.  I really enjoyed doing this one, and am learning a lot by practise, practise and more practise!

Thank you to Naomi21 for the use of the original photograph.

Below are the work in progress.



Murphy wip6

Acrylic on Acrylic Canvas Paper 300gsm 30cm x 40cm

Here is my finished picture of Murphy.  I wanted to practise with something a bit more challenging and different to anything I had done before.  This turned out to be a lot looser than to what I’m used to, and I’m not completely happy with it.   ‘Sigh’ and note to oneself, I must practise more!

Thank you to Peter W for the original photograph.

Alicante, Spain

 View over Alicante Port copy  Alicante Castle  Seagull Nesting Alicante Castle copy

We recently visited Alicante Castle or Castillo de Santa Barbara as it is known locally.  We decided that we were not going to take the lift, but were going to walk …. and what a long and hard walk it was … but worth it – especially when we had Serrano ham bocadillos and soft drinks bought from the reasonably priced cafe, and sat in the picnic area enjoying the sea views! Dating back to the 9/10th century, this castle was built by the Moors, over-looks the city of Alicante and is completely free to enter.  The views are spectacular – the first photo is looking out towards the harbour.  The second photo is the main exit from the castle if going by car, and the third photo is a ‘daredevil’ seagull precariously perched making a nest on the edge of the castle wall!