Month: July 2014

Packaging up


Getting a drawing ready for posting.

Jess wip4


This little ‘puddy’  cat is starting to come alive  – working on the right ear now and slowly darkening it up.   Do you know that years ago I didn’t like cats – it wasn’t until the restaurant where my husband worked had this little stray black cat turn up at 11 o’clock every night to be fed a prawn.  We bought him home, named him Clive and he has now been part of our family for over 5 years.  I’ve drawn several cats in graphite and am now really enjoying drawing ‘close up’ portraits of cats with my coloured pencils.


shadow-finishedFaber Castell Polychromos on Canson Mi-Teintes 18cm x 20cm

Here he is all finished.  I used nearly a quarter of my white pencil on this drawing, unfortunately scrubbing it in, like I would if using pastels.  Luckily my next drawing will be on my usual white paper!

Thank you to C Holden for the use of the original photograph.