realistic art


Faber Castell Polychromos on Bristol Board extra smooth

Absolutely loved drawing this lovely Bassett hound.  Reference photo by K Broemmelsick.


Marc Marquez


Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 40cm

After holidays and time away from my artwork I have, at last, finished my latest painting.  With a massive thank you to Nicola Oleotto for the use of the original photograph.


Chaz Davies

Chaz Davies
Acrylic on Canvas 41cm x 27cm

This painting has been on the ‘drawing board’ for a while, but is now finally finished. Reference photo used with kind permission from Aruba Racing.  If you’re interested – the work in progress shots can be found on my FB page



Bella-finishedFaber Castell Polychromos on Winsor & Newton Bristol Board 15cm x 20cm

Here’s Daisy all finished, a gorgeous border collie that was a delight to draw.  In total she took about 12 hours to complete.

Thank you to K Olding for the use of the original photograph.