JessFaber Castell Polychromos on Bristol Board 18cm x 20cm

All finished …  I really enjoy drawing these close ups of ‘kitties’.  3 guesses what’s next on the drawing board?

Thank you again to J Guenter for the use of the original photograph.



14 thoughts on “Jess

  1. Wow, to be perfectly honest for the first 5 seconds or so I actually thought it’s a picture of a cat…How long does it generally take you to take care of all these details? Amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much for your message 😊. My coloured pencil drawings generally take between 20-30 hours. I love drawing and painting detail, and trying to make my work look ‘real’.

      1. Well I can certainly see that, I would not have the patience to spend so many hours on every line, simply because it’s not one of my passions. But oh, how many hours I am able to spend on one single sentence, to make it perfect for what I want with it! Time and effort is greatly diminished when passion sparks our actions… So congrats for your lovely drawings, looking forward to see some more!

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