Great news to wake up to this morning – my postcard donated to the TwitterArtExhibit in Orlando has been sold at exhibition.  With 100% of the proceeds going to the Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes – so happy I could help.



3 thoughts on “Strawberries

  1. Dear Karen,
    I am the artist who purchased your “Strawberries” Drawing. The berries look luscious and realistic. Your art revives nostalgic memories of growing and picking strawberries on our Springville NY farm and then selling them at the market in Buffalo NY USA

    Strawberries remind me of my mother, Martha Betschen, who directed all the related activities. She froze the berries, made strawberry jam and my favorite: strawberry jam.

    So Kudos to you for your lovely rendering of “Strawberries!”

    Buen Trabajo!
    Gracias, Danke, Xie, Xie, Gracie, Obrigada, etc.
    Warm regards from the USA
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

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