Art Materials

All of Mine!

I decided it was time to have a bit of a tidy-up of the art material in my cupboard, and found a few bits and pieces I forgot I had.  It was like finding a treasure chest … there were 3 watercolours sets, with lots of loose paint tubes – I haven’t used watercolour for over 10 years!!  Various sketch books/pads of paper – not quite sure there were so many of the same size!!   A beautiful wooden box of 72 Derwent Studio coloured pencils – a 19th birthday present from my husband, many years ago, which I cannot remember the last time they were used!!  And lots of other small bits and pieces.  I think the oldest item was an A2 portfolio that my school friend bought me in the mid to late ’80’s.  ‘Big sigh’ … note to oneself: must use some of these materials before the end of the year.


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