For The Love of Motorbikes

 2008 wsb  K + Carlos Checa 2009 T & Triumph

I’ve always enjoyed watching any type of motorsport on the tv, but it wasn’t until we went to our first World Superbike race in 2007, that I became a huge fan of motorbikes.  From that year until April 2010 we would go to watch the World Superbikes at Cheste in Valencia, to sit in the grandstands and watch these fast machines and their talented riders, race around the track.

The first photo is from World Superbike 2008 of Japan’s Noriyuki Haga’s Yamaha Motor Italia, Turkey’s Kenan Sofuoglo’s Hanspree Ten Kate Honda and Spain’s Fonsi Nieto’s Suzuki Alstare.

The middle photo is from 2009 and I’m with Spain’s Carlos Checa, in his second year in WSB after spending 13 years in the Motogp class (500/800/1000). Two years later in 2011 he became WSB Champion (to much of my delight – I’m a huge fan!).

And the final photo is my favourite – my wonderful husband and his beloved Triumph.


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